Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church


In baptism, an adult or the parents and godparents of a child stand before God and the gathered community of faith and commit themselves to a new life in Christ. In baptism, we are all reminded that God knew us from before we existed! “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

At St. Paul’s, the sacrament of baptism is available to anyone of any age. If the baptism is for an adult, the church expects the baptismal candidate to live out their faith as a member of our Christian community, worshipping regularly sharing in our fellowship and outreach. If the baptism is for a child, the church expects the parents and godparents to raise their child in the Christian faith, bringing their child to worship and or Sunday School until the child is old enough to decide about confirmation.

Baptism is offered on special days throughout the year, but always at our main church service, and never privately. St. Paul’s would be delighted to walk with you as you make this commitment to Christ. Please contact the church office for a Baptism application form.