Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church


All are welcome to worship with us!

WORSHIP SCHEDULE: We meet on Sundays for Holy Eucharist at 8am and 10am. The early service is without music, and the later service is with organ music and the choir. A casual coffee hour fellowship in our parish hall follows each service; please join us! And on the last Sunday of each month we have a potluck meal after the 10am service. We have special services throughout the year, especially in December during Advent, and during Holy Week and Easter. Please check back here or our Facebook page for updates.

Our worship is distinct because of the central contribution of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (BCP). For almost four centuries, the Book of Common Prayer and its predecessors (the editions of 1549, 1552, and 1559) were the hallmarks of Anglican worship in the Church of England and in all the churches of the Anglican Communion.

The Book of Common Prayer offers a distinct shape to our worship. It is not spontaneous or ex tempore. It is driven by music and works by repetition and not by novelty.

Episcopal worship is also distinct not because of its form, but because of its content.
The genius of the Book of Common Prayer lies in its content and not in dictating a particular style of worship. Most notably, it makes Scripture the centerpiece of our worship, while enfolding us in the theology of grace.

What makes our worship unique? It is a spiritual enactment of the theology of justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 3:24). Through our worship, we are reminded of God’s grace, comfort, and abiding love.

On special occasions, such as St. Paul’s Day, you may find us using an order of service from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Using an earlier order of service connects us with generations of Episcopalians who have worshipped in this place and helps us appreciate our rich heritage. It is sobering to think that worship has been held on/or near this site since 1667!

Our Services

On Sundays, at 8am we have a quiet traditional service without music. This service is ideal for those of us who prefer a quiet and contemplative service.

At 10:00 am there is a livelier service with music. It is ideal for music lovers and for young families as there is provision for Sunday school during the service.

Every effort has been made to make your worship experience easy to follow. We use the most recent edition of The Book of Common Prayer for our liturgy and a bulletin is produced every Sunday to make it easier to follow the order of service.

Here is an example of the weekly bulletin used during a service.

Living Water

There is a prayer group that meets online Monday – Friday at 5 pm.