Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church

Use of the Parish House

We welcome those who might wish to use our spacious Parish Hall for a reception or meeting.

Use of the church or parish house facilities for special events must receive prior approval of the Rector or Vestry. Regular scheduled services and events at St. Paul’s shall receive priority. Any use of the church must be in keeping with the sanctity of the structure. A donation may be suggested for the use of the facilities.

The intended use of the Parish Hall is to support St. Paul’s Church activities, such as worship services, Christian education, Christian fellowship, church associated meetings and activities and, where possible, to also support some community service activities. It is for these uses, in particular by members and friends of St. Paul’s Church and the Diocese of Virginia, that priority is placed.

We support the use of our Parish Hall by nonprofit and charitable organizations that provide a service for members of St. Paul’s and the King George community.

On some occasions, individuals or other churches may wish to use our Parish Hall for a seedling or mission church meeting place, for a wedding reception, or other such church-related event for a church other than St. Paul’s.

As a general rule, the church is not a place of business, and St. Paul’s Parish Hall is not intended to be used for purely commercial purposes.

The Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Virginia, and St. Paul’s Church do not espouse any specific political positions or candidates, and the holding of political rallies, promotions of individual political parties, candidates or positions is not considered appropriate to the purpose of our Parish Hall.

Please contact the Rector or a member of the Vestry for our policies on using our Parish Hall.