Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church


In 2019 St. Paul’s purchased 16.5 acres of property across the street from the church with a view to growing the church. Shortly after that, the Director of CEEP, Joe Swimmer, introduced our Rector to Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City. Trinity (often referred to as Trinity Wall Street) manages real estate properties with a combined worth of $6 billion as of 2019. Trinity receives millions in rental income per year and uses this income to provide grants to Anglican churches all over the world. Trinity’s grants are used to help churches with feasibility studies on projects that are demonstrated to be financially sustainable.

A committee was created to focus on this work. The Committee meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons. In addition to the committee members, other members of our church family and several community personnel have been contacted for advice, information, and expertise in specific disciplines as needed.

Why was SPC2100 chosen as a name? As the name 2100 suggests, the work being done is for future generations of St. Paul’s and serving our community into the next century. SPC2100 means future generations will benefit from our vision today – SPC2100 is not about us. The SPC2100 mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The five components of the SPC2100 plans under consideration are a multipurpose recreation center housing a worship center/basketball court, thrift shop, coffee shop/caterer, cell tower, and school. Each of these areas has an established subcommittee of the overarching SPC2100 committee. Furthermore, subcommittees have developed business plans with expected customer revenues. Based on initial analysis as well as past experience, it is expected that the center will generate approximately $200,000 per year and that the school will break even from an income standpoint. Each component is a valuable outreach ministry to our community. Please help us make this vision a reality.