Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church


Thank you for generously supporting St. Paul’s. Your gifts help us operate the church, maintain and protect our historic church buildings and grounds, and support the ministry of St. Paul’s to reach out in love to our community. The sections below describe a number of ways to give to St. Paul’s: through one-time donations, recurring gifts, and legacy giving. Your gifts will go into a general purpose fund unless specifically designated for a particular ministry or project.

Donate to St. Paul’s


One-time donations can be made on-line or by check. Click on the DONATE button above to make a one-time donation through our Square App. To make a donation by check complete your check and mail to: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 5486 St. Paul’s Road, King George, VA 22485. These donation will go to the Friends of St. Paul’s Fund unless otherwise designated.

Recurring gifts, such as a pledge, are usually made by members of the congregation. Pledged gifts usually go into the general operating fund that keeps our church running. Numbered and personalized envelops are available from the treasurer for dropping checks into the plate on Sundays. Would you like to make a commitment to give to St. Paul’s on a regular basis? Please contact the treasurer to make the arrangements.

Legacy Giving, A lasting gift for your Church. Over centuries, generous members have used Legacy Giving to transform the Church’s mission and ministry throughout the world. Each legacy gift will enable future generations of St. Paul’s to play their part in the unfolding Christian story in our community. Legacy Giving can include: Specific Gifts; Estate Bequests; Insurance Policies, Investment Accounts, Trust Fund Beneficiaries; Charitable Gift Annuities; IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions; Stocks or securities reassignment. Please follow the link below to find more details on making a Legacy Gift to St. Paul’s.


Please contact us if you would like to talk to someone in confidence about your gift and/or request any additional information that might be helpful as you consider making a gift to St. Paul’s. Please contact our Rector and/or Treasurer at (540) 663-3085 or via email or