Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church

Bible Study

At St. Paul’s we encourage all members to read and study the Bible. It is a rich resource for study, devotion, and spiritual growth. St. Paul explains why we should read the Bible: “Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character, so that the person who belongs to God can be equipped to do everything that is good.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 Common English Bible).  We read it primarily because, as 2 Timothy says, it’s for “equipping us in doing good.” It’s there to help us grow, and to inspire us to serve God in our community.

The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer says the Bible is called ‘the Word of God’ because God inspired its human authors, and because God still speaks to us through the Bible. We understand the meaning of the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit who guides the Church in the true interpretations of the Scriptures. (BCP pages 853-854)

You may be interested to know that Archbishop Michael Ramsey is reported to have said, “we do not believe (as some seem to) that the Bible fell from heaven in the King James Version, bound in leather, complete with maps!” If only it were that easy! To study the Bible in our tradition is to wrestle with the word like Jacob in the wilderness, and sometimes to come away wounded (Ex 32:24-32). Please let our Rector know if you are interested in joining our Bible study group.